Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Favorites in line

From some scrapbooking paper... with some line of a glitter pen with nightglowing colour! Ha! Nothing light stuff which glows in the dark... and don't count me on my age, I work in the lab, I just have to love glowing and fluorescent stuff! 

The black line on the edge is not perfect, but makes the difference...

...and of course some 3D laquer. This time it was even a known brand and not the no-name stuff I mostly use. It was diamond glaze (no, I am not a fan... it has it advantages, but also a lot of downsides. Would be okay, if it wouldn't be soooo expensive).

And yes, still on my to-do list: Show how the different 3D glues / lacquers work and what are the best combinations to work with them (at least in my hand :)). 



Me = happy! :)

3 Kommentare:

  1. Those are so fun! And I agree, the black edge makes a difference - much more finished.

  2. so pretty - the linear design gives it a retro feel. very cool indeed! happy new year :)

  3. Really pretty. Thanks for sharing.
    Found you through:
    Greetings from Germany



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