Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Sparkling deers....!

What shall I say? I wish you all a great christmas, if you are not into christmas I wish you relaxing days! I know I could need some but with all the family around it won't be for me (not saying that it isn't worth it ^^)   
For the deers... I took some wooden cut out christmas decoration stuff (is there a short word for description?).

(I still feel a little bit weird about drilling little holes into the deers ^^).

They were dipped in glue and then just went into a box with pink glitter (the same one I used for the pink magnets). I added a silver bead and there we go!

The bead is brushed silver (I love the effect) and yes, real silver beads because I think it balance the over-the-top glittery and shiny pink! So that while still being all sparkles it still may be wearable beside certain occasions (although one still has to be brave, you'll be seen for real! ^^).

I already used one of the silver beads for my leather flower and I am always fascinated how different the combination of the same element with new ones can look. Have a look here for the combination of the silver bead with leather :)

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