Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

More hand carved stamps!

More hand carved stamps! Some of them were in the advent calendar for my little (not so little anymore, she is a head higher than me! ^^) sister Lachafa. Others are just some leftovers of the rubber I used for carving... with which I played a little bit :)

Leaves were included.... of course!

And a tag! Everyone needs a tag stamp, nai?

I really like how the lines of the rubber get a more interesting texture to the stamped image (for this one I used  normal school erasers so therefor the surface is not perfect sometimes for printing, but I love the effect! :)).

You want your own tag stamp? Nothing is easier to carve than a tag stamp, really! Have a try! 

All you need is:
  • some eraser / rubber
  • a sharp knife / paper knife / scalpell / linoleum carving tool or just a tapestry cutter (just the sharp blade is important)

And here are the little stamps I made out of leftovers... we are talking of 1 cm stamps or smaller ^^

Not much is needed for a house shape...!

Squares create great pattern, especially if they are NOT perfect :)

What about more squares, triangles or other shapes?

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  1. Great! I found your blog via the link on homework. I've always wanted to make stamps but didn't know where to get the rubber for large ones (have made small ones using erasers)Where do you get the rubber? Was wondering would the rubber on flip flops do? I am going to try to day and see. Thanks for great ideas!

  2. @Dhilma: Thanks :) Mostly I am also using some erasers, but for the bigger ones I go to artist supply stores. There I can buy rubber especially made for carving / printing, as well as lino plates or even soft wood for printing. I also just get one kind of carving rubber there although I know there are a lot of other brands too... some of them also better for carving... but I hate to order something online (I am one of the persons who wants to realize an idea at the moment it came ^^).

    But on the other hand I think every stuff could be used (somehow) as stamping material. Foamed rubber (you get it in a lot of toy stores) is quite nice for reverse printing... just carve / press a picture into the surface and then print it. Easier than to cut it.

    With flipflops I think fine lines would also be a little bit diofficult but for bigger pictures it should work great! I am thinking that there are sometimes flipflops which already have a cool pattern on then or?



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