Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Going nuts!

As soon as I saw this structures I knew I had to work with them! I found them at the department of floral decoration in a crafting store, hidden beneath a lot of other stuff. I was fascinated by the colours, the structure, the strangness as well as this feeling "I know this stuff". And of course you'll know too because these are just walnuts. Dried until they are hard as wood or even harder than a lot of sorts of wood I know. 

I drilled some holes in them with my dremel (I am voting that every one needs a dremel! Just image the holes you can make into everything! Okay... that sounds a little bit... weird, nai? But the thought: "Oh, I could make a hole in it!" occurs very often in my brain). 

I glued the metal wire into the holes... there you go!

And the first pair of earrings I made out of them went into the advent calendar of my sister Lachafa! :)

I am so happy that she loves them as I do...

One could see a family pattern in there... Love of strange stuff!

But hey... can you resist going nuts? ;)

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