Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Dream and think! And add some brains!

I wish you all a happy and great and astonishing new year! 

2012 is somehow a more balanced number than 2011. Yes, this is only from a graphic point of view ^^ But the last year was really a hard one. Not bad in all things, for all the bad stuff also a lot of good stuff happened, but it took its toll in energy. Changing things, especially oneself, because in the end this is the only parameter one really can change in life (it sound worse than I mean it :)), is often important. To keep oneself on the way, step for step, little ones because they are in the end the real changing ones. 

Dream and think are two words which suits me very well. Often because I dream and think too much. Can you dream and think too much? Yes... if the dreaming is more of an escape and not just for the joy of it and if the thinking starts to turn in circles and rounds and starts eating yourself from the inside. 

I learned in 2011 that life is easier than you may believe. Even in the hard times. That no matter how strange you are, there are people who catch you, stay on your side and hold you even if you are pushing them away. Strange that often this are not the people who you thought that they would be. Even stranger, sometimes they only stay in your life for the hard times...

Okay, this blog entry is going to be more sentimental than I wanted it to be. So I'll stop at this point! :)

Dream and think! And add some brains! My words for 2012 and it is okay if the extra brains are earrings! 

They were made from an ad postcard I found during a trip to Berlin.

I put a lot of glitter, nightglowing paint on the brains!

Of course also a thick layer of 3D glue (this tim it was diamond glaze).

Yes, they glow! All brains glows, didn't you know that? We just don't see it (at least I want my intern brain to be glowing ^^).

You see the lovely structures of the brain? 

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  1. Cute! Love the glittery brain. It's ok to be sentimental, that's what this time of the year is for, isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing your project at Etcetorize~



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