Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Lost ones... new ones...!

Some time ago I had a give away. I made a lot of tiny and bigger stamps (have a look here *sniff*) and send them over the ocean. Sadly as much as I love snail mail... sometimes snail mail and I, we don't go too well together. The stamps were lost somehow, somewhere on their way. Strange how much it hurts! 

But also there was one person waiting for the stamps she won... which never came. Also a really bad feeling...!

Therefor I carved some new stamps and send them on their way. Hopefully they'll arrive this time!

The tiny ones: Some numbers, tiny ornaments (look great if you make patterns with them!), a book, a tree... and time... everyone needs time!

The silhouettes for the swallow, the owl and the pegasus I got from Karen's graphics fairy :)

As you may see (the numbers are cm), it is not the smallest stamp :)

I changed the owl a little bit. I gave her some white "ornaments" ^^ 


  1. O Mann, wie gemein ist das denn? Einfach so weg. ):
    Aber die neuen Stempel sind auch ganz, ganz toll.
    Das (der?) Pegasus... wie exakt du die Linien hinbekommen hast!

  2. @Centi: Schon krass...! Und das mit den Linien ist recht einfach, sobald man folgendes beachtet: Ständig eine neue Klinge! Ich benutze kein Linowerkzeug mehr, sondern immer die Papier-Skalpelle :) Aber selbst wenn die Klingt noch scharf wirkt und sich für Papier eignet, für das Schnitzen von dem Gummizeugs kann man die nur kurz verwenden... zwei, drei Stempel (größere) und das wars schon...

    1. Mhm... aber fummelig ist das trotzdem. ;-)

    2. Das macht aber auch den Reiz aus... es entspannt wahnsinnig! ^^

  3. Very sweet projects! Love the bird from GraphicsFairy

    Thanks for sharing :D
    Via: Brag Monday at GraphicsFairy,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois, USA

  4. Terribly sad - to lose so much work! I love the new ones, and the old ones are probably making someone happy somewhere - I hope. Did you send me a stamp, too? It didn't arrive...somebody is stealing them because they are SO beautiful.



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