Montag, 23. Januar 2012

How to transfer pictures for stamp carving...

I made a stamp out of one of my favorite silhouettes! Just the tree silhouette... (have a look here). I mean... you need a tree silhouette stamp, don't you? I needed one! For sure... ^^

And now for a little trick I just recently discovered (although it is one of these tricks you think: That's too easy, why didn't I used this already for years?).

Normally one has to be careful with inkjet prints because they are not waterproof. 

Just think about it... not waterproof...

All you have to do is to dampen your rubber / carving stamp plate with some water... and put an inkjet print of your image on top. Press and rubb a little bit...

Et volià!

And yes, once dried, it is relative resistant... but even with the wet surface it is quite a stable transfer :) Now all you have to do is to carve along the lines!

The next silhouette I transferred to the stamp was my little spider silhouette... (spider shadow stencil)

I added a little cross to create a cross spider (garden spider, in german "Kreuzspinne"). 

And this way I also created the pegasus stamp with a image from Karen @graphicsfairy. I already showed you one, but I also made one for myself... I decided I couldn't do without one anymore...


  1. Wie einfach! Wie genial! Wieso bin ich eigentlich noch nie auf die Idee gekommen?
    Naja, vielleicht hängt es damit zusammen, dass ich naoch nie einen Stempel geschnitzt hab, aber trotzdem...

    1. Die Frage hatte ich mir ja auch gestellt! ^^ Aber manchmal sind es echt die einfachsten Dinge, auf die man nicht kommt... :)

  2. Pinned, and your newest GFC follower! Great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks! :) And it is really just such an easy idea...!

  3. Most excellent project and instructions. You've inspired me to try this and soon. Also, pinned you.

  4. wunderschöne Stempel hast Du mal wieder kreiert! Toll! Ich liebe sie!

  5. ARRRGGHH, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT??? Hee hee. Wonderful idea! Thanks for a great tip!

  6. Wow! You are super talented. Thanks for inspiring me this week!
    ~Julie @ Singing Three Little Birds



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