Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Good night projects: Mittens!

One of these days I forgot my gloves... it is cold outside... and I am always going by bike. Without gloves not a nice experience! So I just needed something to replace them now. 

I was just back at home, it was late in the evening but I wanted to meet with friends just a little bit later that day. Therefor this quick version of some mittens :)

I had some "Walkloden" (some kind of felt, loden) left which I used. 

I layed my hand over the fabric and traced with a white marker around it. See: a kind of mitten! After that I sewed two layers of the fabric together. Yes, I sewed before I cut the fabric! This way it is a lot easier to avoid the fabric to slide. Also a good method if you are sewing very tiny and complicated parts ^^

I cut it out... You don't have to secure the ends of loden! 

...and turned it around.


The fit well and are very, extremly warm!

But next time maybe longer at the end :)

Saved my hands! 

And even if I did find my gloves... 
I am still using the mittens on my bike if it is getting really cold and / or wet :)


  1. Love it! A great beginner project for me to try. I actually like the look before you turned them inside-out - kind of cute that way!

  2. This is the greatest "need it now" project! They are very cute! Thank you for sharing!

  3. How easy & perfect! It seems like 1,2,3 & done !! Great :)
    Thanks for sharing & for wishing me dear..

  4. I'm wondering if you could do that with an old wool sweater that has been felted?

  5. Great work. I really favor your blog. Keep continuing to write down a blog a lot of like this. I mentioned here get the topmost brands of best heated mittens, I hope it helps to all.



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