Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Beading beads - earrings

Yes, this is new to me. Not completly true, then I was a kid we beaded little flower bracelets. The ones were you bead five small glas beads in a circle around a middle one. 

So beading in different directions and even three dimensional, that was really new to me! A friend showed me how to make these earrings (adapted from a pattern from beads and buttons).  I made already three different pairs for myself and this goes to my family (the earhooks are gold plated). 

I am still struggeling how to catch the real colours, shine and beauty of the beaded earrings. My photo skills have to be improved in the next time... 

Here on in the direct sunlight so you get an impression of the shine and shimmer of the glas beads!

The only negative things about the beaded earrings: The faceted glas beads with the high quality needed... are  expensive! So this earrings I will propably just create for family and friends (and myself! ^^)...

And I didn't wrote down the winner of my tiny giveaway for my tiny eyeball earring studs from last week. 

The winner is Mickymunchkin!

Even not anouncing you here in my blog: You alreday should got an email from me asking for your adress!

And because it is a short time before christmas and I am already preparing a lot of packages...

How about a little surprise for the others? :)

@Mich L in LA: I know, I know... I should habe your adress already but could you send it to me again?

@Crystelle: Could you send me your post adress as well?

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