Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

A little bit of vintage (Formentera)

I have so many things I would like to show you... just waiting to be shown to you! But the little spare time I had went to creating things (or just sleeping! ^^) and not taking pictures, editing them and writing the blog entries. 

But I am also aware that I won't get more time ever... I just have to find a way how to use my time better. Or rather... everyone has some spare minutes (we are not talking about hours, just minutes!).. it is just a question of the priorities how to use them. 

For me this would be: Write more blog entries while drinking and enjoying your coffee! ^^

Please don't think this is something which is stress for me! I love my blog, writing about the thoughts in my head and showing you the stuff resulting out of them! There are so many ideas, contacts, experiences which came all together with my blog I wouldn't like to miss! 

In the end I write my blog for myself. Not for anybody else... but because of this it means a lot to me if you like my blog! In all my stuff there is a lot of me inside. 

Back to topic: These pictures are in the house on formentera. I am not sure how old they are but they already hung on the walls 25 years ago! (not being new at that time!). The bird in the middle was painted on fabric and the flower picture was painted on wood. 

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  1. What wonderful art! I thought they might be pendants you made...maybe you need to do a photo transfer pendant from at least one of them. Or two, for Lachafa and you - it would be so meaningful!



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