Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

Real clay...

Did you ever had a moment like "Why took it me so long to try it?"? I had one! We have a culture project (or better a "fabric of culture"!) called "Werk II". There is a concert hall, music, readings, a little cafe, some community clubs, etc... and there is a workroom for clay! You only pay a few euros, you get the clay and the colours and the working space... and the help of the master craftsman of pottery who runs the whole workshop. It is open at monday, tuesday and wednesday in the week. Your stuff can dry there and he'll fire it for you. I knew that there was this workshop for some time... but it took me until now to go there! Don't ask me why. I couldn't give you an answer which would also satisfy me ^^

These little things are my first trials. Not perfect with the colour because I took not enough. But still I like it! Just look at the blue! I made tiny bowls... just for a pair of earrings or so...

You can see the clay coming through the glaze.

This was a kind of transparent glaze which is used to enhance structures. Here was some lace pressed into the wet clay. 

You may remember this one! I made some molds for it and already used them for air-drying clay as well as polymer clay! Works also great with (real?) clay :) I just can't used it too often without drying times in between because I made most of my mold with air-drying clay which can react with the wet clay. Maybe I should make one with clay and fire it?

Also this shape I used quite often in the past. As you see the edges are not even because the clay moved during the drying process. Also I should have used a lot more glaze. But my first try, won't make this mistake again.

And just some discs to get the full effect of the glaze!

And I think it won't surprise any of you if I tell you that I am going to make some earrings out of them ^^


  1. Everything is cool! I love the colors and speckled effect on the blue discs. I adore the brown lace bowl!

  2. They are wonderful! I love the blue color!

  3. so much fun and your results are so pretty. i think these will make perfect earrings!i wish we had something like this nearby so that i could try too!



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