Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Real clay - next round

My second round of experimenting with clay and glaze! This time I just covered all the stuff really thick with the glaze!

I love little bowls... I hope there are some other people also loving them because I want to make a lot more of them ^^ Small ones like this with a very thin edge but maybe bigger ones for corn flakes and so with a broader edge... have to try it :)

You see how beautiful the glaze catches the light and how bright and shiny the reflections are!

It sparkles in the sun...! 

Oh, can't wan to try more. I already made some more pieces waiting to be fired so I can start glazing them... and of course I have to make some more bowls, small ones as well as bigger ones... but then I'll have to wait again for the first firing and then the next one for the glaze.... mrrr.... at least it teaches me a little bit about patience... or not? Hope so ^^

8 Kommentare:

  1. Zu schön. Vor allem die blauen Schälchen haben's mir echt angetan!

  2. wow - die lasur - und der glanz - und die farben - die schnecke - bist du extra raus um die fotos zu machen ?

  3. das Blau ist ja unglaublich! Wunder,wunderblau!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful blue! Glaze is so awesome! <3

  5. Ich kann auch echt nicht genug bekommen von dem Blau geschweige denn kleinen Schälchen ^^

  6. Yeah, that little bowl really IS darn amazing, but I am particularly smitten with those tiny leaves. I can just about see them dance on a little stream in the sunlight as they are carried away. I love how they are bent as if they are just slowly drying out in the last bit of autumn warmth... is there anything you are not good at??

  7. All wonderful, I love the teeny bowl!



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