Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Not so lazy sunday morning...

Hello there, I'm lachafa, saraccinos baby sister.
She's been trying to get me to contribute to her blog for ages, but for several reasons unsuccesfully, one of the biggest being that I don't own a good camera.
This is still true, but today I decided not to care and just go with it.

I hope i can figure this out :D

I assume some of you know this feeling: Today I woke up and just NEEDED to do something crafty.
So I trawled my room for a bit and found this:

A piece of expensive looking fabric I've been dying to work with, a green zipper and some of saraccinos adorable buttons.

Of course I started off by sewing the zipper on with the wrong side up, but that's what you get for being to quik on a sunday morning. :(
I started over and kept going and in the end I'm quite happy with the result:

It's a little box pouche. I will use it to carry around my knitting stuff when I'm on the go!

Once again THANK YOU, saraccino, for the buttons. I love to add them to my stuff, they really make the expression "cute as a buttton" work. :D

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  1. Hi, Lachafa! Great post! I love your color combination, and the shape of the "box." So useful for big chunky stuff - but versatile for folding small when it's empty.

    I have never sewn a zipper (yet), but I'm pretty sure my first ten tries will be upside down and backwards.

    And yes, that sis of yours makes some amazing buttons! These aqua ones are so pretty!



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