Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

New little stamps...

I forgot to show you some of the stamps I carved! The blog entry was finished but I wanted to wait until they arrived their destination... and over this waiting time I never showed it... 

These stamps I made for "für große Mädchen". Translated into english: for big girls (big = grown up)

She wanted a stamp which said "handmade". But you know me as soon as I start carving stamps I am addicted and want to carve more! Also I wanted some more personal stamps for her...

So I searched through her blog and found a lot of her cute owls designs. I tried to get a silhouette which would remember her owls :)

You see: They are really tiny! I am measuring in cm, not inch!


...her blog name and also the sign for her craftings...

...combined with the owl...

Just for you: This was my design sketch for the owl! 

PS: How about some fabric with the tiny owl? I am collecting some digital designs to get them on fabric (but I want to order rather a bunch of fabrics than only single ones...). I already have my octopus and tentacles... the mushroom frrom the stamp... mh... still collecting!

PPS: There are some more blog entries like this waiting to be published... but only can be showed when they have arrived atz their destination ^^

10 Kommentare:

  1. Love them! The owl is the tiniest cutest owl on earth.

  2. Timburtonesk, vor allem der "Hand made"-Schriftzug!

    (Hab Deine Seite heute entdeckt und bin begeistert!)

  3. ROFL this just put a huge smile on my face before I have to set off for work. Mich is right, this is the cutest owl ever!
    Have you ever watched "Little Britain"? Here's one that has a "displeased owl" in it, I betthe customer would have loved yours!
    (it's very british humour...)

  4. genau - und jetzt sind sie alle mir - die super schönen stempel - sie passen perfekt zu mir und überall kommen sie jetzt drauf !!!! ich danke dir noch mal ganz herzlich liebste claire !!!!

  5. @lisbonlioness: Not until now, loved it! :)

  6. @lisbonlioness (again ^^): Ich krieg noch Apfelbäckchen! (ja, das zu übersetzen überfordert mich mitten in der Nacht!)

    @Hansi: Danke! Und das ist ein echt tolles Kompliment, ich liebe die Ästhetik von Burton :)

  7. I absolutely LOVE the "hand made" stamp. I just wanted to thank you for linking up last week to Sew Woodsy and let you know that your project will be featured tomorrow--actually it was tied as a viewer's choice with 9 clicks each! I don't have a special button for that yet.... but it's in the works!



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