Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Inspiration: Critter (At night - meeting with a toad, Leipzig)

Here is the little one. 

I made this picture with flash light so you can see the toad.

Some impressions without flash light. 

I like the results. They have a certain feeling and colours :)

And yes, on every picture is the little toad :)

And you can see how good my eye is trained to find critters even at night. All thanks to my biology studies ^^


  1. I think I see a toad stamp carving in your future!

  2. I can't believe you could even see this little fellow... Good night vision!

  3. I met a toad about two years ago outside our house- poor little fellow was bound to end up as prey, so I picked him (or her?) up and carried him to safety among some thick bushes near a pond down the road. Those little buggers are so, so cute! I love to hold them in my hands, even though I wouldn't pick them up without good reason. I can see how they were regarded as witches familiars in the olden days, they have an air of superior intelligence around them. Awww...

  4. I just have to agree @lisbonlioness ^^



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