Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Inspirations: Little foxes (university medical center, Leipzig II)

The little ones are nearly grown up now... and not at least frightened of humans. 

But why should they? They grew up and live in the middle of the university clinic leipzig, next to the medical and science faculties, with a lot buildings sites next to their home (yes, the live under the building in the image ^^) as well as a kindergarten.

I blinked at the little fox because as I came nearer and nearer (in the range of only 1 to 2 m next to him), he was a little bit unsure. But it is the same as with cats and dogs: You should crouch down so you won't look down at the animal... and blink with your eyes! It says that you are no danger, it is an appeasing gesture with a lot of predators. 

And he (she?) blinked back just like my cats! 




  1. I met a fox once in my life, the night after my first cat, Penny, had been sent over the rainbow bridge.
    Now, I am not off my head, saying that she came back to me as a fox, but it was some sort of spiritual experience. The fox I met was not scared at all, and he (she?) walked with me along the dark, quiet street until we arrived at some dense bushes where he (or she) left me.
    They are wonderful creatures, and I enjoyed reading your post a lot!

  2. so pretty in your pics! wow, I can't believe you got that close... i'm actually frightened of them but maybe I shouldn't be...

  3. Really great pictures! I've never ssen a fox so close! I totally love that "relaxing" pic. Too cute! =)

  4. Thanks :) I love the cat-like attitude the fox showed! Like the world and everything there would be owned by him ^^

    @lisbonlioness: I can understand that feeling. Even if I am now able to see them at every evening if I want to... every single meeting is still very special for me! And this time it was so wonderful to communicate with the little one through the little gestures... it worked the same way as with my cats! (or with other cats and dogs...)

  5. Hier in München hatten wir bis vor kurzem auch einen solchen Gast um unser Haus. Und das mitten in der Stadt. Eigentlich ein ganz süßes Tierchen. Aber mit meinem Hund bin ich abends nimmer ohne Leine raus.
    Hab ihn schon lange nicht mehr gesehen. Bin aber sicher, dass er im nächsten Frühjahr wieder kommt.



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