Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Mold for polymer clay...

If you already follow my blog you know that I like to create stuff which can be used to give polymer clay a shape. I used for this approach polymer clay itself which I stamped with stamps or just with weird things (to create structures ^^) or I pressed plants into it.

The problem was polymer clay sometimes stick in polymer clay molds. Laquer the molds didn't help. To freeze them helped a little bit... I got the hint that maybe oil or baby powder may help. This is both true! Helps a lot! But also let my chaotic enviroment get even more entropic! ^^

I had a lot of airdrying clay which was really cheap (not the best quality). I used it for testing shapes and structures...

In the leftover I pressed some plant... and used it some days after that as a mold for polymer clay. And guess what: The polymer clay didn't stick! Ha...! Love it!

Therefore I made a lot more molds! You never can have enough molds! ^^

PS: I use classic and soft fimo (polymer clay). If the soft fimo is... too soft, just cool it down a little bit. :)

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