Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Molds? More molds!

This is airdrying clay again, same brand. 

Just another colour ...

(although I get the impression there are some other differences too, 
the white one seems to be a little more stable...).

You can still see the leftover of the plants...

...a first try of a jelly fish with a little bit of a 3D effect...

...just press your natural findings in the clay...

...or make some strange tentacle like structures...


...spirals are always facinating...

Oh... and I catched a minute of sun shine! 

This is what the earrings (here and here) from the last molds can look like in the sun :)


  1. It made me laugh to read the words "I get the impression" in your post about molds. You got a whole herd of impressions, and they're all cool!

    The dragonfly in the sun is one of the prettiest things you've made - just gorgeous!

  2. ui - die gefallen mir alle sehr gut - das sind rohlinge - richtig - ich lerne :o)

  3. Ach, du machst immer so schöne Sachen!

  4. Yes, spirals are fascinating! I looked at that photo and was instantly mesmerized. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  5. I am your newest follower, looking forward to seeing what else you do.



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