Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Still carving leftovers of the print block...

One of my favorite quotes... now I should just start to live up to it ^^

Da es sehr förderlich für die Gesundheit ist, habe ich beschlossen glücklich zu sein.

I decided to be happy, it is excellent for one's health.

J'ai décidé d'être heureux, c'est excellent pour la santé.


And also a little leaf.... and a second insect wing :)

I glued the quote stamp on an old wooden stamp handle (without the original rubber).

While carving I am mostly using just two blades: One straight with a sharp point and a v-shape lino cutter. If there are rules I am following it would be mostly this three:
  • always cut diagonal to get a broad base for the motif (1 / 2)
  • outline the motive first (v-shaped blade) (3)
  • always cut inner corners from the inside out (4)

This is the v-shaped blade of my lino cutter. Mostly I am using it to carve the outlines of my drawing.

I am just using the point of my paper knife or scallpel to cut in the corner. 

5 Kommentare:

  1. I love your quote stamp! Thanks for the lesson in carving, I would love to try. Your tiny leaf is too cute to exist!

  2. i haven't done lino block cutting since highschool... memories... great quote and now you can stamp it everywhere to remind yourself!!!

  3. Mad skills! My next pay day treat will be a set of lino cutters. ALL YOUR FAULT!!

  4. Hilfe, so viele winzige Buchstaben! Das könnte ich nie!
    Außerdem ist der Spruch klasse.
    Voltaire at his best. =)



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