Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig VI)

Say hello to the smiling upside-down trash can!

Maybe you remeber some of the pictures at the wall behind?

He is secured... so nobody can turn him back! ;)

A single shoe on the wall...

...and if you look up: The dragon! 

I love him! Just forgot to make some pictures of the dragon... although he is there for years and years!

I'll make some more pictures with better light. Promised :)


  1. Oh, I love this post. Every single item. I could explain with sh!tloads of words, but since you found them blogworthy, you will know exactly why! Can I have a dragon for my roof, please? I'll also get a shoe from the charity shop and nail it to the wall, just because I can. What a f.cking brilliant idea!!

  2. az a sárkány nagyon jóóóó...:))))))

  3. Hehe, I've already seen some of those waste bins in the city as well and they were painted like Star Trek characters <3 really nice idea! Though I'm afraid THAT's where all the waste bins for the dog poo vanish to °_°;
    And where did you find that awesome dragon??

  4. You are living in this city and you don't know the dragon? Uff... even worse than to forget to make pics ^^

    He is at the "Feinkost" at the opposite of the Fisher art house in the Karl-Liebknecht-str. You have to go there and see the dragon in reality :)

    ...and... please add a answer mail to your account decembersong, makes it a lot easier to answer ^^

  5. @Lisbonlioness: Please, i would love to get a picture of your nailed shoe! :)

    (and yes... I also want one for myself!)

  6. Weeeell that kind of explains it. Whenever I go there, I go there by bike and kind of have to concentrate of the street and the cars :'D But I'll look for it next time I'll be there ^^

    I wish I would know how to do that o_O; Browsed the "settings" and couldn't find anything that sounded reasonable. I'm still not used to this site. Livejournal is so much easier <_<;

  7. @decembersong:

    Especially because the "Feinkost" is now decorating the little place not only with Mr. smiling trash can... but also with old metall trash cans where they planted flowers in them... and will paint them soon :)

    Here is a nice blog entry about how to do insert an email adress :)




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