Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Joseph von Eichendorff...

Wünschelrute (1835)

Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen,
Die da träumen fort und fort,
Und die Welt hebt an zu singen,
Triffst du nur das Zauberwort.
This is one of my favorite little poems. I found a little piece of paper where I had once copied it in school so I wouldn't forget it. Finding this I just had to smile. I am still entranced from the melody which lies in this poem. I am not the biggest fan of his novels and a lot of his other work is really not my taste... Maybe the romanticism / late romanticism is a little bit too much over the edge for me ^^. Strange enough that some of my all time favourite poems are from this era and even from Eichendorff. (and even to imagine that I fall in love with some poems at school! normally every poetry and / or literature in school is instinctively abandoned by kids ^^)
The only problem is to translate it from the original german to english. I have found some translations but every language is special on it's own and there is always something one cannot really translate, just give a small image of it... This is why I try to read stuff in the original language (if I am able to read it ^^).
But still: Here one of the translations I found :)
The titel may be wishing wand or divining rod... I found it here. The translator also offers some different versions :)
Songs repose in things abounding
that keep dreaming to be heard,
and the world shall start resounding
if you hit her magic word.
PS: I am doing a little bit but time is eaten up at the moment. So please be patient, I will be going to write some new blog entries and show new stuff in a few days. :)

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