Samstag, 6. November 2010

Inspirations: Gargoyles (Peterskirche, Leipzig)

I just love gargoyles and other critters you can find on old as well as new gothic churches. This pictures are all taken from the Peterskirche (church of peter) in Leipzig.

I just fell in love with this building the first time I saw it. All the strange gargoyles, the astonishing critters and the beautiful statues combined with a really cool new gothic architecture!

The church itself is quite young (there was an old church of peter before this one), it is just celebrating it's 125th birthday. But still, it already has it's own kind of character ^^


Look at my teeths! (and the curls of fur ^^)

And the silhouettes are just like the statues itself... so cool and astonishing! All of them would make great stencils!

See the sweet little one at the food of the pillar of the statue! I love the tongue and the sad and at the same time crazy look in his eyes! 



Such beauties...!

On both sides of the church are this "small" doors with a statue flanked by two critters. I love how the carved the feathers out of the stone!

That were not all statues, gargoyles, critters they have there. But for some I would need a better objective becaue they are so high and for other it was just not the right light (as always ^^). But still I think you can get an idea of all this sweet little (or not so little) creatures I love!


  1. I love gargoyles so much. These are all from one building? Amazing! Thanks for sharing beautiful pics.

  2. These are wonderful. You have a great eye for capturing their spirit!



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