Freitag, 12. März 2010

Tentacle stamp - small one...

...yes, another one. Nothing new ^^

But my other good night project had to be cancelled because I couldn't (and I searched over two hours...!) find my silver edding. You know this situation? You are completly sure where you had left it. I mean, I was not even a little bit concerned about finding this pen. It was just used a few days ago for another project. But it was nowhere to be found *sniff* Having this idea in mind it was also a little bit difficult for me to change plans... good night projects have to be fast and easy... and I shouldn't have to use my mind anymore...

At least I found an old (and absolutely ugly) rubber. A colourful heart...

It changed into a tentacle stamp... this was the good night project for today ;)

(size: 3,3 x 2,2 cm)

I used some leftovers of red paper and cardboard. They will be used as small tags for gifts.

(...grumpf... there are some small spots I have to correct... I just see them now on the foto...)

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