Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

Bracelet out of an broken barrette

Okay, I had a barrette I really loved... but with long hair (and a lot of this ^^) most barrettes, even if they are only worn for decoration, won't last long. At least in my case...

I separeted the metall ornament from the the barrette base (actually the real barrette), smoothed some sharp edges with a file and then formend the shape to be suitable for a bracelet over the wrist. It is just thin metall, so with care this was no problem. I only feared some part would brake during the process!

Afterwards just sewing it with a few stitches on a satin ribbon, fixing the ends with eyelets and using a black leather cord to go through the eyelets (I only had some gold eyelets left... I am thinking about to darken them a little bit... brass or copper ones would have been more suitable for the metall ornament but there weren't any left)



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