Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Mama Face Super Creme!

Or rather the original in german:

"Mama Gesicht Super Creme"

Rumpels mother had her birthday and we made a creme for her as a present. Why work in a laboratory and studied all these things for years if I won't be able to make some good creme? Or rather: add some really good stuff into creme ^^ 

And oh yes, there is good stuff! The creme is not only useable for the face but it was made for it regarding to all the anti-oxidation stuff... (and far more but nothing for me to write at this blog, if you want to know more just write me an email :))

But of course we needed a design for the creme and Rumpel made one of his persons / eyeball things! He also wrote down the ingredients but I am sorry... translated from german into english it would lose a litte bit of the humour or wordplay... :)

8 Kommentare:

  1. Mama Face Super Creme is the best name for any product, ever. I bet it is luxurious and smells great, too!

  2. i agree sounds lovely and gr8 blog really love it .xxx

  3. Lovely name for a lovely product! Rumpels' mama must have been thrilled :-)

    1. She was a little bit at the beginning... hey, I am working in a lab after all ^^ But she liked it (and I am using a little leftover I had for my trials too!)

  4. what a great gift idea! I am totally pinning this one, girl. thanks for sharing!


  5. Was passiert bei Jemandandersgesichtsauftrag? Faellt dem die Fassade ab? :D



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