Dienstag, 28. August 2012


Written letters, words, handwriting or printed, there lies a very special beauty. I don't know why script itself can be so fascinating but it is!

These old print letters I got as a gift! She found me by my dawanda stuff and ordered some buttons and also I made some commission work for her. But as a complete surprise she send me these letters for me! A collage with my name...! 

She also send me a lot of stuff so I could make some molds / texture stamps out of them. Shells, bronce heads, strange things... I already started (and have to go a little bit faster so she won't miss her collection too long!). But next to the collection there also were this number sorts! For old letter press...

They work really good with polymer clay (fimo)! I need more of them... so tempting to get a collection with different typefaces... 

I just have to experiment and play with all the stuff now (also to create something as a "thank you" for her :))

And I am creating stuff but it is getting dark to early again... I don't get to make any good pictures... :/


  1. These are beautiful!
    You are a lucky girl....

    1. They are! And yes, I am :) I love how life surprises one sometimes and that somebody who bought some of my things just send me a little gift so I could make more stuff! Made my day! :)

  2. That is a sweet gift - it shows you make an impact with your art! Or should I say you make an impression? Hee. Can't wait to see what you make with her 'strange things.'

  3. how lucky and what a lovely gift! I am sure you will be making lots of beautiful art with these!




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