Dienstag, 1. März 2011

New wrist warmers - for the five minutes in between ^^

I love this kind of warmers! They are made out of a fabric which is called "Walkloden" in germany. I tried to find the english translation... and I failed. Neither leo nor wiki could really help me. Some people suggest Loden alone but that is not the same (explanation later) or boiled wool but also that is something different. So I tried to patch all the single informations together! :)

Boiled wool is a knitted fabric which is afterwards felted by boiling.

Loden is a woven fabric made out of wool.

Walkloden is a woven fabric which is kind of felted afterwards (also made out of wool).

It is "gewalkt" (german again). What is quite interesting is that wiki says that the english verb "to walk" derives from the german "walken" because this process was mostly done with the feet ^^

I also read in some english blogs that this kind of fabric is sometimes difficult to get in other countries. I hope that is not true because it is an incredible kind of fabric! Just pure wool, a nice touch, water resistant, felt like properties like the cut edges will be stable, but unlike felt there won't be any more "felting processes" going on....

Unfortunatly it is a very expensive fabric. But my fabric shop had some at a really low price (which is STILL 20 € / m... not something I would normally buy). But for making stuff like warmers I don't need much of the fabric. I just bought 10 cm x 1,3 m. The wrist warmers should also be only 10 cm long because this fabric can stretch only a little bit. Enough for the hand and the wrist but not for the arm.

What I did? I just cut two pieces 10 cm x 20 cm.

I sewed the edges of each piece together.

Just turn it around...

I made some plain ones, but I already cut out a lot of pieces for making some ornamented ones...

....so many words for a project which takes... 2min! ^^


  1. eah, I tried to find that word, too, once, and ended up with nothing. I used "felt" instead, which for sure isn´t accurate. Did you try needlefelting patterns and swirls on these? I bet that would look quite cool!

  2. A great idea Claire! I would love to see an ornamented version as well. And of course I expect great things. :)

  3. This side is all about making stuff. There is a thin line between art and stuff and I am not sure at which ...

    just wanted to point out you may have a type error you may want to fix. "site" instead of "side" in the above paragraph under your picture.
    Great "stuff" by the way, art with a purpose! perfect!

  4. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  5. Walkloden seems to be "fulled loden". See, for example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulling



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