Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig II)

There seems to be a trend with grafitti stencils and animals ^^ 

This is the sign of a Kindergarten.  I love how they used the stones and the shells :)

"Einsteinchens" means something like little "Einsteins"
(in german you can add "chen" to a lot of words to give it the meaning of cute and tiny)

Further more it has a double meaning. You see, it is not written as "Einsteichen" but as "EinSteinchen". So next to the meaning of little geniuses it also means "Ein Steinchen" which says one tiny stone. 

Suitable for the sign as well as for kids. Love this play of words as well as the look of the sign!

Another new member in the collection of graffiti animals: A rabbit!

This had its sibling around the corner ^^

And another one some streets away...

And guess what: Another pink monkey!

(They pink was a little bit lost due to the night. I didn't use spot light.)


  1. Die Vögel sind ja irgendwie süß. Etwas steif in den Gelenken, aber putzig. Und grün dazu!

  2. Die Einsteinchen hauen mich um! I'll try this one on my 8yo bff Abi this weekend (who is dead- set on learing German), see if she gets it after a bit of explaining. There might even be a creative idea coming up...



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