Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Find all the structures!

I just love structures. Therefor I started a search for structures around me. I wanted structures / textures to go with fimo (polymer clay) especially with buttons. Of course I used stamps and my button-size cookie cutter.

Wooden stamps, silicon stamps, handcarved rubber stamps, fimo stamps... 

And a little fimo stone I made years... (over 12 years I think... or even more...) ago with a little rune. I found it per accident in a little old box where I store old fotos ^^ But I was even more surprised as I saw that I used a colour of Fimo they don't produce anymore. It was a little bit like jade with wonderful marbled greens... 

After that I used all the things below! And some more... which I forgot to put in the picture. 

Maybe you find them? :)

The circles....! A JordiLabanda pen ^^

I added acrylic colours... just to experiment a little bit with shadows, the fluidity of the paints, how to rub the colour of, how my dremel could affect the result... All this kind of things. 

I don't like every button but I learned from every single one!

The reason for my choosen clay colours was easy: Leftovers! :)

I also made with my little carved key stamps some fimo molds...

Some pendants, mostly buttons...


  1. oh I love all these things you have made with the fimo and stamps... closest to my heart are the buttons... I LOVE BUTTONS! :)

  2. hiya , wow i love your creations so gorgeous , i am following you now to see your new posts

  3. das vögelchen ist klasse geworden - ich find die farben für meinen geschmack etwas zu dunkel



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