Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig)

After a long time of grey and grey... the sun finally comes out again. And of course... I forgot to take my digi with me for some time. But now I had the little one with me and just had to take pictures from the street. This was one way only... but there will be more soon :) All taken in Leipzig.

I don't know what this pink monkey means but I found it some times along my way.

And yes, it is really pink!

Don't know why but I like this image.

Then there were this papers... (the lasted only for one day).

"How endure people their life?"

"We are here, we are here, we are so absolutly here."

Just roughly translated ^^

"Mathilda, you spoiled love for me."

Mushrooms and people are hiding on the back of a traffic sign.

And another pink monkey...


  1. Great street art! I love (and hate) the little boy who ate his hand. Cool! And yuck!

  2. So why do peeps over here keep telling me Germany is a clean country??? Not saying I don't like Graffiti (I'd love to know what the monkey is all about, and the "wir sind SOWAS von da" is something that somehow touches the rebel in me!), but hell, clean is something else :) Love your eye for the random weirdness!

  3. The monkey makes me also curious... I already searched the inet but didn't found anything for this monkey (though a lot of other pink monkeys... didn't know there were so many of them!)

    I am looking for more stuff ^^ This was just one way I went, nothing more :)



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