Dienstag, 29. März 2011

I added USB to my filofax ^^

This is my newest item I added to my filofax. It may seem quite strange to have a paper-based calender and then adding some electronic data storage but I need an advise to transport pictures, datas, pdfs, etc... Like most people, I guess, independent whether they need it for work or just want to take pictures, music, whatever with them. 

You remember the blank space above my big yellow post-it? I used a wee spot of this space to add a very flat  usb stick. 

For this I used little self-adhesive velcro spots I got from a scrapbooking friend (I am getting things for my stash everywhere ^^). 

Just put one side on the stick and the other side on the paper. That was all. Nothing more. Really. And this velcro spots are holding the stick really tight! I was surprised how good this worked :) 

And you see, the velcro doesn't interfer with the use of the stick. I added the soft side to the stick because of the propability that it could get in contact with my clothes .

To be honest, the velcro is nearly as high as the stick. I am not sure whether it is not too big? 

But on the other hand, I can't think how to get without it already. It is so nice to have everything in my filofax. Including the electronic stuff... 


  1. very cool! ich bin eifersüchtig! (remembering my best german for you)
    sehr technologisch? intelligent? klug? ahh.. ich weiß nicht




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