Montag, 4. April 2011


This are most of the buttons I made here. Not all (not intentionally, I just forgot some ^^). I took some cardboard, stamped the obvious onto it (with my carved button stamps) and then fixed the buttons on the little cards by sewing.

On the back is my blog name :) I send them all to Lachafa. Either she can use them on her own or she can "order" the structures she likes in her favorite colours and give the buttons she don't need away (either to friends or completly strangers). ;)

8 Kommentare:

  1. So beautiful, I love them all grouped together to show off all your styles. You could open a shop just for buttons!

  2. What are they made of? I'm featuring some today that are made of cardboard -- not for actual use (of course) but for decorating cards and such. Yours are very nice!

  3. The buttons are made with polymer clay (fimo). They are so thick that they can be used for clothes or other things :)

    But they could also be made very thin for cards or so :) I like the dimensional structure you can get with clay :)

  4. LOVE THE BUTTONS! Beautiful grouped like this and mounted on the cards! So pretty!

  5. The buttons look wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  6. love it!! I found you through Sew Woodsy. Check out my projects too, if you have time! :)

  7. these are beautiful!
    buttons are such a popular item in papercrafting now, button cards too!



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