Samstag, 30. April 2011

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig V)

Is (the) beauty on the street?

There is nothing to look / search for

Return / Moonriver

Over night
are again
the ways
frozen -
It was the
abandoned -
who strayed around / who erred (the verb "irren" has both meaning in german!) and
about her

(I tried to keep the word order although it is a little bit strange translated into english :) )

I don't want to one of your statistics anymore


No shadows are living here!

Words are limited!
...reality is not.

Nothing happens

Yes, some crafting will come soon and yes, I know, I have written this before ^^ I just have to make some more pictures but being a lot on the way... I just forgot to make the final pictures in the right light... :/


  1. :o) - das mit dem hundekostüm und der meersau :o) ich frag mich grad wer solche zettel anklebt - auch die anderen sprüche ? bei uns in wiesbaden ist grad ein mann unterwegs der schreibt händisch bibelpassagen an leere litfaßsäulen - komisch - interessant - merkwürdich ...



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