Montag, 4. April 2011

A little fox!

This fox was made with a pattern which was made by Kirie. She was so nice to let me try it out! I love all her fox patterns! They are so cute :)

Take a look at her blog shape moth where she shows a lot of beautiful as well as cut and / or cool things. All done with fabric and yarn... I stumbled over her blog per accident (like most blogs are found nai? :) ) and followed her since. Especially her sewn moth is... mh... okay I am tempted to use the word cute again... but it would be a little bit too often? Also I know that not everybody shares my view of cuteness to insects (or cephalopodae for example ^^). But beside the "restricted word count" it is also beautiful :)

Ah... and please don't get it wrong: In her pattern the eyes are even! It is just not the best thing to phone and sew at the same time! I though about starting over again. It wouldn't cost too much time because the head is the first thing you start with according to her pattern. But after lloking at the different eyes I was going to like it. Just a little, little odd touch nai?

I used several light fabrics. Can you see the two different white shades next to the light fabric with the paisley pattern? I used the only two shades of white I had so I mixed cotton with some stronger linen... mh.. with the tiny fabric parts it was not the best ideas I ever had to use two different kind of fabrics. But I think I would have done it even knowing the problem.... just because I wanted a white fox! ;)

So... what know to make with it?


  1. Ooh, very cool, I love this! I like the unmatched eyes, they give your fox personality. Thanks for introducing Shape Moth, what a beautiful blog!

  2. I agree with Michelle L. The eyes are perfect that way. They add character to the piece. It's nice to see some of your sewing Claire!

  3. I need to make a fox bad with this... nooow!
    Incredibly cute! I also like it that you made the fox a polar fox <3



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