Freitag, 15. April 2011

...a little sneak (crochet)

I just wanted to share this picture because I love it!

I am making the inner rounds of some granny squares in four different colours. The pattern is from Marie Claire Idées - 250 Points de crochet. Even if you can't read french you could use the patterns :) The have the chrochet charts next to example pictures and a written description. You really don't need to have perfect language skills to translate the text! It's quite easy.

I also wanted to make some examples how easy it is to adapt a crochet pattern... but to be honest: Writing down a crochet chart is somewhat... grrrr.... it always looks so badly drawn! I'll try again in some time but right now I am too frustrated! ;)

For all of you who are searching for chrochet patterns in the net: Try to search in different languages!

German: Häkelschrift (=crochet pattern / chart)
Spanish: Ganchillo (=crochet)

With the spanish word you'll find also a lot of great blogs / sites in portuguese! Plus they show a lot of really cool and/or cute japanese and russian crochet patterns!


  1. The rounds are beautiful! Love the colors, oui oui! Great idea to search for different languages - I might try that for other types of tutorials, too! Thanks, Claire!

  2. Gorgeous little circles of yumminess! what are you making with them?



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