Dienstag, 5. April 2011

A blue little fox...

Another little fox I made with the pattern from Kirie :) 

Mh... I think I need a lot more white, grey and blue shades... maybe a little violett...? Although it will take some time until I make the next fox ^^ To make the same piece several times is not my strengh. I still don't know what to make with them... maybe I'll buy her other fox pattern and make a little quilt or something like that. But like I said... now I need to make something different (I need few minutes projects inbetween! And patchwork / paper piecing / pattern sewing / things like that still took me some time :) ).

I could add some fabrics with some animal tracks... Some time ago I made a lot of stamps out of foamed rubber for different animal tracks... mh...

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