Montag, 4. April 2011

About cookie cutters and earrings...

I have several cookie cutters I just bought (some time ago... some.... long timer ago ^^) for crafting. You see I have a lot of them twice: One for crafting and one for food. Please, never use the ones for crafting for something you want to eat! Especially not if you are working with polymer clay like me! 

I wanted to try out wheter all the sizes were useable to make earring with them. For this kind of test I used air-drying clay (a very cheap one) because I didn't want to waste fimo (polymer clay) with it. But the principle is the same :)

I rolled out the clay and just stamped it... and then cut out parts with my cookie cutters...

They take time to dry. Not only a day...

This structure was made with my wooden stamp (you maybe know it from here). You see the brown spots? It's due to the wood of the stamp :)

I love this stamp!

This was made with a piece of fimo where I just pressed some plants in it. This is now my negative stamp for other clay. But it is not too easy to use. Sometimes the clay stuck on the baked fimo... If anybody has some ideas how to avoid this: Please! I also tried some laquer... didn't worked...

After drying I painted the surface with acrylic paints. I tried out different colours combinations and layers. 

Some colours were mat and some gloss...

And of course... metallic colours...! They are so beautiful in the sun!

This one I didn't use for earrings... mh... any ideas what to make out of it?

And here you can see the whole collection. All of them went to Lachafa for a real life earring study. After this she has to give me a report about which size is okay to wear and which colours worked best... etc :) After this I'll make more of them with fimo. Polymer clay is a little bit more stable than this air.drying clay. But... it is not too bad to be honest.


  1. Wow wow wow, these are so fabulous! I love the idea of using air dry clay for BIG earrings. Beautiful colors and shapes. My favorite is the round green pair. The deer is the cutest pendant, it should hang on a necklace with small green leaves.

    How very nice that you have a stylish sister to take these earrings on a test drive.

    Have you tried corn starch or talcum powder on your mold? A little bit will stop the clay from sticking. I dust the powder onto the mold with a small brush.

    The reverse-mold with tiny plants is amazing, it looks so delicate and detailed. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Wow, die sind ja toll! Besonders die bronzefarbenen find ich sehr schön, und die auf dem letzten Bild. :)
    Die Ausstecher sind echt Gold wert!

  3. Thanks :)

    And now I am going to search for more cookie cutters... and waiting for Lachafas report!

    I am also loving the bronze ones! The metallic colours are so beautiful! I am surprised at their quality. They are from reeves (I bought them years ago...).

  4. they turned out so pretty. I love working with air dry clay too and I love making jewelry with it, it's so inexpensive and you can make anything from it.

    I found you through Pinkapotamus, hope you're having a great day!

  5. hiya ,your jewlery is fantastic , i love the different stamps and structures you use , you asked for tips on the mould sticking to the clay and i found if you rub sone cooking grease/oil on the mould or stamp it stops this happening too much , and the cute reindeer that you did not make into earrings would make a cute pendant or brooch x thanks for sharing x

  6. jepp - rehkitz und die letzten sind meine favoriten - die scheinen ja nicht schwer zu sein, wenn sie als ohrring zu tragen sind ... ?



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