Montag, 4. April 2011

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig III)

Look at this signal lights! My family mentioned this one to me because it should be recorded by some fotos due to its short-lived nature. This are stencils which are just put before the traffic lights.

I was a little bit to late. The only stencil which was still perfect was the eagle. 

This one was a beer bottle. 

You see the stencil?

On the green light was a hemp leaf... sniff... was away already.

The real cool thing: The lights were still really bright and visible! 

Why not having some stencils over all traffic lights? I would love it! It would make me smile everyday :)

And a last picture: Some kind of cat :)


  1. Nein, wie cool! Schade, dass die anderen schon weg oder lädiert waren. )=

  2. Ja... ich fand es auch sehr schade! Hatte mich aber sofort auf den Weg gemacht, nachdem mir davon erzählt wurde, um wenigstens diese festzuhalten. Kurz vorher war anscheinend auch die Flasche noch heile gewesen... aber vergängliche Kunst hat ja auch etwas :)



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