Samstag, 23. August 2014

"Whispers in the tree" - Necklace

If there is something I really should learn: Take pictures from necklaces... either showing only details or an overview where the details are lost, both not satisfying options. But still, here we go ;)

This is a mixture of czech glass beads, old pressed glass bead, not-at-all old metall findings with a rather really, really old mother-of-pearl-button, cotton cord, copper wire...

Some of the czech glass beads (the round ones) are from Rebeccas Curious Kit "Whispers". I also bought the other czech glass beads from her (here). She also showed on her blog a wee tutorial about creating the birds nest. Since she is selling these cute sprinkled egg-like looking beads, I had to make one on my own. I was already tempted to make one for a long time since last year this kind of nest/wrapped pendant was seen all over in a lot of variations (and also tutorials) but just these beads finally made me do it.

A little twig, a tiny wee bird, combined with the nest and the beads. It is a rather delicate design for me but I like it. The button is also the clasp. It even hangs good while worn. Yes.... that can be a problem with a design like this where both sides of the twig have to be balanced and since all the components are so small and lightweight, I was worried whether I was able to get it right. I added the chain to the bird for this.


  1. This is a very pretty necklace. I love how you worked out the balance. I also have a problem knowing how to take good necklace pictures - which to show the detail or the overall. I usually do what you did - some of each.

    1. Thank you :) I think it really looked funny how I tested the balance always in between. Holding it up, making a temporary necklace out of it and wearing it (while making a new cup of coffee, the way to the kitchen usually was long enough to see whether the balance would hold or the if the nest would bring everything down ^^)... Since I also had to balanc the beads of each side, I am thinking now maybe to get one of these old scales ones used for envelopes (my grandmother has one). But maybe that is just... too much and I should just try it out by hand. Not getting more "stuff" to stand around....


      PS: I just tried to send you an answer email, thankfully I just saw in time that it would have been to "noreply-comment" ;) Just wanted to tell you because I know that a lot of people had their set-up changed from google/blogger.



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