Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Making soap - cold process / natural soap

I didn't write something new in my blog for some time. At least there was no mention of something I made by myself. There was the problem of time with my new addiction. If you are making soap by cold process the action of getting your oils to saponification is really fast but afterwards you have to wait... and wait... and wait... The soap has to harden and the saponification itself needs several weeks (sometimes months)... sighs...

But although I still have to wait at least four weeks for my first soap to be usable, I am not stooping making more and more new ones ^^

(and to be honest... I already tried the foam formation of some of the soaps ^^)

Also I am collecting more oils and fats (all vegetable ones) and wax... ideas and things to put into the soap.. as well as containers and boxes and forms for the shape...

At first I was only working with a small variation to get used to the process itself. Still I am not using colours or perfume for the soap. I am not sure whether I should because I like the soap to be usable by everone even with very sensitive skin.

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