Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Octopus T-shirt - paper pattern

This was a birthday present. I am not exactly sure which devil went in me but I wanted an octopus made with a paper pattern. Okay, I still want one for myself but I don't think I am doing one of this anytime again soon. No.

This paper pattern could only be used once because with the paint and the really thin conections it broke just after adding the paint. Grrrr....

And cutting all the little suckers on the tentacles made no fun. Not at all... especially for a one-time-only pattern.

Here the pattern: It was design that the main object is on the back and the tentacles will go around both sides of the T-shirt. You can se the bend on the patchwork paper(s) on both sides.

Here the result with true colour (but not sharp... *sniff* but I run out of patience...)

And some flaslight added ^^ No true colour anymore but at least a little bit sharper outlines.

Octopus... Tentacles... all you need ;)

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