Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Crow pattern - T-shirt

To use the paper pattern on a T-shirt is quite different compared to the fabrics I tested. The fabric of the T-shirt is really thin and it absorbs the paint really fast! One has to be a lot more careful otherwise the details will smear in each other.

The small spots where a little bit red fabric showed through the black colour I just painted ober using a brush. Now just let it air dry and tomorrow I will iron it for fixation of the colour.

This time I fixed the pattern a little bit with adhesive tape. It won't stuck very strong but enough to be a little help to be sure everything stays in place and it's easy to remove while the paint is still wet.

Under the paper you can see the outline of the cardboard inside the T-shirt.

With a little bit more light: But so one can see the details. The outline is really sharp with this method! Only the right claw is a little bit smeared... but I hope nobody will notice without myself telling it ;)

But this picture gives a more real image of the colour of the T-shirt. A dark red...!

Just more pictures of the same image... but I couldn't decide ^^

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