Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Stamps - mounted!

I got really great pieces of wood to mount my stamps made out of foamed rubber. The bigger ones got knobs to handle them while stamping! And all of them were sanded so smoothly that you could create a vacuum on a plain surface!

I tried several methods for mounting the stamps like to glue them directly on the wood or with some plastic foil in between. Just to try what would work better...

In one case I glued the stamp on the wrong side.. *sniff* Just realised it viewing the pictures. Tomorrow I will fix it but not tonight anymore... really to late. Again.

You see the rest of the blue colour I used for testing? Although I washed the stamp some paint remains. But doesn't seem to rub of if used with a differend colour (tested it with some leftovers of the foamed rubber)...

I marked the direction (oben = this side up / rechts = right / links = left / Breite = width).

There are a lot more of them!

I really love them!

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