Montag, 8. August 2016

ATC - "In my dreams"

This little ATC arrived in its new home. I had a hard time to part with it but love the idea that it may inspire someone else (at least I hope so ;)). The background is made with acrylic paint and stamped with some of my handmade craft foam dot stamps. The work really great. Okay, they won't last forever but they are so easy and fast to make and the costs are really low.

The lace was painted with black gesso and then the back was painted with dark red acrylic paint. You see how it comes through. A subtle effect that creates a lot of depth. The face and butterfly are made with polymer clay and some molds, easy and fast and lovely. They are also painted with black gesso for the matte effect. This allowed me to create the clear and glossy teardrop on top.

I really like this little one... makes me smile.

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