Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

ATC - "Catch the moment"

The idea of creating artist trading cards (ATC) was started in Life Book 2016, or rather the arrangement of an ATC exchange. No, I am not showing you any of the ATC I'll send across the world since this should be an surprise but one of the many I started creating (also no in any order except they were all done in the last few days ^^).

I want to start with this one because I made it for a blog challenge over at Paper artsy. The topic is fabric. Actually I also made two for the last challenge (houses) but forgot the time so when I wanted to upload them to my blog I realized the deadline was over for... roughly two hours? *sighs*

I'll show you what I made in the next days but I thought rather start with the ATC for the actual challenge since I am really, really good in "forgetting the challenge time". 

I used stitched flowers from an old vest. The back of the vest was a beautifully woven fabric that will end as a pillow in the near future but I started cutting out some of the flowers. I thought they would go well with my little face and indeed they do! The doll face is made from polymer clay. The phrase is actually from a special edition "Tempo" tissues. Just sued matte gel medium to glue it on and cover it and that work surprisingly well!

The background are drawn marks, some acrylic paint and ink and pen...

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