Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Life book 2016 - Inspirations to play more with the background... and strange perspectives ;)

I already started to get more layers and more depth into my backgrounds but in this painting I even got one (or more steps) further. The end result is actually strange. I love the extreme contrast and how the red of red riding hoods fabric seem to glow! But I paint while sitting in a low position before a low table. Therefor my view is not straight but in an angle. That actually lead to the effect that the perspective of the trees is really good from this angled viewpoint and a little bit distorted if you look at it directly from the front (like now ;)). 

I think it is funny because a friend of me realized this perspective without knowing how I painted it! So if you can tilt the monitor a little bit, you may see the effect... or I'll try to take some photo trying to capture the effect.

What I take from this one? Use colours, love colours, be bold and bright! There are never ever enough background colour. Never ever forget perspectives (especially) while painting (I also changed the red fabric several times).

And I even took pictures again of the creation process :)

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