Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

Life book 2016 - Tentacles instead of wings!

This lesson was called "Wings and roots" and I ended up painting tentacles! But since I just love cephalopodoes it had to be some image related to an octopus.

Background and the girl are not so in harmony like I would like them to be, but the tentacles are working beautifully. I love how playful the tentacles are. In the lesson some modelling or texture paste was to be used. I had none available but some sand structure paste. See the three dimensional effect? I think it worked really good for the skin of the octopus!

What I take from this one? Take a picture while the paper is still fixed on the block ;) Use more structural stuff and try to connect background and focal point more. But... in the end I just love her!

So here are more impressions of the details!


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