Samstag, 11. Juni 2016

Formentera - This time some mixed media...

We were for one week in spain... back where I feel at home more than anywhere else: Formentera. I always take something with me and over the years I made a lot of things there. Not too much at a single holiday but always a little bit. 

This time I worked on a collage inspired by the Life Book 2016 lesson "make it shine". I had a magazine that I used to cut out the boy and some backgrounds as well as the trees and started to paint over it, layer for layer...

This is how the table looked like! 

The gold is really glowing and reflecting the light beautifully. Just so damn difficult to catch on camera. Here I tilted the paper a little bit so you can get an idea about how beautiful the effect is!

I worked with a limited colour palette and am surprised how well this worked for me. Of course it could also be that it was due to the place, everything could work for me as long as I do this at Formentera ;)

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