Montag, 13. Juni 2016

All the tiny dots - another craft foam stamp

Again a very simple handmade stamp to show! I already made different versions of stamps with these tiny dots but needed a new and bigger one. They won't hold forever but in my hands I was able to use them for several years. So that is good enough for me. Also it makes a difference whether you are just using stamping ink pads or also acrylic paint. Acrylic paint will reduce the life of such a craft foam stamp since it will stiffen the foam over time. I still use both and love also how the texture changes over time due to use. But if you only use stamping ink this kind of stamp will be useable for much longer (don't know how long because even my first ones are still working for years). 

I used a piece of scrap wood. Since I am a member of the Makerspace Leipzig which has a wood working space and a big bin with wood scraps, that is not a problem anymore for me ;) I drew a grit on top to know where to place the craft foam dots.

In theory they are craft foam sticker. But a lot of them are not really holding well may also be due to the fact that these stickers are for years in my stash. For this kind of project I like to use UHU max repair since it is really strong and flexible. Yes, a little bit expensive but you don't need much. 

I am not only using the dots but also the "surrounding" pieces. They also make cool background texture.

I also made one stamp with the tiny wee dots. For this I glued some paper with a grid onto the wood since this was easier than to draw all the lines by myself. I just enhanced the lines I wanted to use as guidelines.

Now I run out of the small craft foam dot stickers. Any ideas where I can get new ones?

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