Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015

"Intense orange" - Industrial earrings

Intense orange... the colour is so strong, so bright, so pure... A simple design that has an industrial feeling for me. But oh, how they move! Dangling is one of the most important properties earrings can have for me!

I also want to note: These beads I etched to get this matte finish. There is just something special about the matte look and soft velvet touch of etched beads. I got help from Julie Wong Sontag (uglibeads) but she later also wrote a really detailed description about etching at art bead scene.

You can get them here in my shop :)


  1. Oh...I'm really liking these. The orange drops just glow. Dangle in my earrings are a must, too!

  2. Those orange drops are totally fabulous etched - I'm surprised that more designers aren't in on the secret of etching commercial beads themselves. It's amazing how they can be transformed from average to amazing with such a small amount of effort!! Happy to have helped :) xo



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